Violec debuts at Aire: The Second Fourfold Root

Subtrak Event

In celebration of Pagan Yule, Devotion Gallery is pleased to present Aire: The Second Fourfold Root, an immersive art installation and performative exhibition of dark fashion works, taking place on November 14 as part of The Fourfold Roots of Everything.

Since 800 B.C., philosophers sought to identify a single arche, from which all substances are formed. Empedocles was the first to propose a set of archai, which he referred to as "the fourfold roots of everything". These four roots became the four classical elements of Greek philosophy and the reigning dogma until recent centuries. Empedocles argued that these four elements drove the cycle of life and the changing seasons and, thereby, united birth and death into one continuous process.

This second Fourfold Roots of Everything event will focus on the second fourfold root, air. Plato regarded air as an intermediate element marked by its mobility, lightness, and ability to penetrate. Aire: The Second Fourfold Root explores this penetration/protection dichotomy in full detail, most notably with Cyberoptix Spring Collection Atmospheric/Pressures. This collection is constructed from surplus military balloons and tatted lace doilies, seemingly disparate materials that stem from the same Victorian-to-Cold-War time period (when they had a shared utilitarian purpose of protection) and have, since then, been fetishized.

Shorb's exclusive use and repurposing of these vintage and deadstock materials (and subsequent hand-dying, painting, and screen-printing), combine to envelope the conceptual exploration of penetration and protection in a unified romantic aesthetic. Echoing the dark and Victorian elements of Atmospheric/Pressures, will be fashion installations by local celebrities Bird Ov Prey (Karbine), B.S. Mercantile (Kill Devil Hill), Sinner/Saint (Anthony Malat), and the very elusive VDK.

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Violec debuts at Aire: The Second Fourfold Root
In celebration of Pagan Yule, Devotion Gallery is pleased to present Aire: The Second Fourfold Root, an immersive art installation and performative...

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