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Paul Shulleri's New Album, Strich & Faden, Preview

Subtrak is proud to introduce the world to a wonderful first full length album by a visionary artist we see making a stir in the dance music community. Inspired by the colder minimal scene that is commensurate with the German Techno sound, Paul Schulleri takes things a step further and applies a colorful palette of melodies, basslines and samples ranging from the Sirene to the Cruel onto these well worn structures. On the heavier side the tracks Tiefdruk and Spade are classic Techno burners, and, at the seemingly opposite end of the spectrum, Disorder and Sirene invoke a feather like touch.


Derek Marin's D In To D Out EP W/ Remixes By Alexi Delano, Hans Bouffmyhre, Adam Collins & gthm (Now Available)

Fresh off his hiatus in Berlin, Derek Marin has returned to the studio to turn out his second release on the Subtrak imprint. The title track of the D In To D Out EP is a slow burning Tech House rainmaker with catchy synths laid over a carefully layered bed of echoeing breakbeats and rolling bass rhythms. Derek, never content with one version, contributes the bass wobbled Sideview Remix and the stripped down Platonik Remix with is sure to be a late night crowd pleaser.


Derek Marin - FREE PROMO DOWNLOAD - Catalog DJ Mix/Remix

Prolific New York Tech House Producer and DJ, Derek Marin, took on the task of mixing and remixing a sizable chunk of the Subtrak catalog. Our fans can enjoy the fruits of his labor via this incredible promo download. Enjoy the music!


01. Sweet Sixteen - Ryan Brogan

02. My Understanding Of The Truth - Matt Hagerty

03. Artificial Barrier - Kirkwood West

04. Rebounding In My Mind - Kirkwood West

05. Eighty Five - Kirkwood West

06. The Sark - Alex Israel

07. Head Open - Alex Israel

08. Crispy - SERi

09. Erebus - Matt Hagerty