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Derek Marin - FREE PROMO DOWNLOAD - Catalog DJ Mix/Remix

Prolific New York Tech House Producer and DJ, Derek Marin, took on the task of mixing and remixing a sizable chunk of the Subtrak catalog. Our fans can enjoy the fruits of his labor via this incredible promo download. Enjoy the music!


01. Sweet Sixteen - Ryan Brogan

02. My Understanding Of The Truth - Matt Hagerty

03. Artificial Barrier - Kirkwood West

04. Rebounding In My Mind - Kirkwood West

05. Eighty Five - Kirkwood West

06. The Sark - Alex Israel

07. Head Open - Alex Israel

08. Crispy - SERi

09. Erebus - Matt Hagerty


Ryan Brogan VS. Chris Alker - FREE PROMO DOWNLOAD - DJ Mix

When Subtrak was invited to headline the infamous Pulled Pork party in Williamsburg this past April, they decided it was time to dust off the vinyl and make a dueling DJ mix. This mix represent a wide range of sounds, old and new, hard and soft. The set was not belabored with unnecessary technology, and all the mixing is live with vinyl from the collections of these two Subtrak artists.


01. New Order - Confusion (Confused Ooh-Wee Dub)

02. Human League - The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Original Dub)

03. Elektrochemie - Get Yourself (Original)