Alex Israel  //   The Sark

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Alex Israel's latest release, The Sark, is a dark sleeper. Rhythmic snares and synchopated snaps ride along side a cool synth piano and an understated bassline. Massive Attack would approve. Mush's Fine Phone Blend is a remix where the emphasis is switched from the snares and tropical bird sample to a thicker four on the floor bass and a steady piano loop. Sure to get in on the action, Christian Bloch's Champagne of Beers Chaser Remix supplants the four on the floor for a breakier sound and filtering the piano line in a reverse fashion, he manages to strip this track back as far as possible without making it unrecognizable. As an added bonus, Israel rounds out the release with Delerium Nocturnum and The Milk of Lions. DN is a beautiful Nu Disco tune with robot whispers, interstitial cowbell, and funky piano lines, this track sounds like elecric sex. The Milk of Lions, on the other hand, would pair perfectly with some amazing IMAX footage of the uncharted rainforest shot from an airplane. It is simply beautiful.
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