Derek Marin  //   Bright Lights, Dark Room

Subtrak - Album Release
The term tech-house is barely used anymore—it’s largely been replaced by electronic house or, even better, plain old house. But in the days when the appellation was practically synonymous with Filter 14, Baktun and other much-missed boîtes, few NYC producers were more associated with the sound than Derek Marin. Marin never really went away, exactly, but this new EP should go far in reestablishing his rep: His original mix is a lean and angular, Detroit-tinged track full of inventive, unexpected twists and turns. It’s likely, however, that most attention will center on the remixes from Ghostly International’s Osborne, Subtrak duo the Pale and, especially, Glasgow’s Hans Bouffmyhre, who leads the cut into a shadowy cavern of throbbing bass and hallucinogenic effects trickery.
Album Information
  • Artist: Derek Marin
  • Release Date:
  • Formats: MP3, 12in. LP
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